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About Greenville Forward

Our Mission

Greenville Forward enhances the quality of life for greater Greenville by engaging all citizens in continually updating, promoting, and facilitating a community vision for 2025 and beyond.

Greenville Forward was created in January 2006 to help Greenville achieve Vision 2025, the bold, comprehensive, and aggressive plan to inspire and build a vibrant Greenville in the next generation. By having a group like Greenville Forward, whose sole purpose is to facilitate, coordinate, and communicate the ideas from Vision 2025, the plan will be kept vibrant, alive, and attainable.

To make the Vision a reality, Greenville Forward focuses on the following program of work:

Understand the Issues.
Build a Better Understanding of Greenville's Greatest Needs.

Conduct research to understand Greenville's issues.

  • Develop and track a quality of life profile about Greenville County.
  • Conduct quantitative surveys of community perceptions of performance toward Vision 2025 goal attainment and key community Issues.

  • Conduct ongoing qualitative research to collection information about Greenville's most important issues.

Evaluate and priorize the key issues.

  • Create the system to evaluate and prioritize the initiatives most important to Greenvillians.
  • Develop the system to report the priorities to the community.

Create Dialogue.
Connect Greenville through Relationship Building and Conversation.

Communicate Vision 2025 goals.

  • Creatively educate the public about Vision 2025 and community needs.

  • Develop and deliver presentations to the community, funding and advocacy partners, and other interested organizations. Become an often-scheduled speaker to community groups.

  • Be the primary press contact and community relations voice to educate and promote Vision 2025 efforts.

  • Host a significant, useful, and "cool" Greenville Forward web and social media presence, and be on the cutting edge of social media adoption.

  • Manage relationships with volunteer leaders committed to leading specific efforts through Leadership Greenville, PULSE, Diversity Leaders Initiative, Hands On Greenville, the Non Profit Alliance and other organizations.

Create dialogue and build networks.

  • Develop and sustain innovative programs that bring the community together to discuss and address the issues identified by the Vision.

  • Create strong relationships with community leaders, both elected and nonelected, to create a network of engagement.

Help nonprofit and community-driven organizations support the Vision.

  • Train, empower, and deploy volunteers to implement Vision 2025 goals.

  • Consult with regional nonprofits in board development, visioning, and fundraising,

  • House the strategic plans of selected community organizations in Greenville to avoid duplication of efforts in the community.

  • Actively participate in the activities of nonprofit organizations throughout the region.

Inspire Leadership.
Create Greenville's Next Generation of Leaders

Identify, develop, and inspire talent in Greenville and help them become more engaged and connected.

  • Develop and host programs to acknowledge, recognize, and encourage organizations and individuals who are making a difference in the Greenville community.

  • Provide programs to allow Upstate leaders to interact with each other and initiate vision dialogue, including hosting speakers and educational programs.

  • Develop emerging talent through educational programs and networking forums as an extension of programs like Leadership Greenville, Youth Leadership Greenville, PULSE, and the Greenville Forum.

  • Develop and host programs to acknowledge, recognize, and encourage organizations and individuals who are making a difference in the Greenville community.

  • Ensure diversity in all areas and increase involvement in programs that promote inclusion within the community.

  • Creatively educate the public about Vision 2025 and community needs.

Build partnerships that result in alignment with broad community and regional goals.

  • Complement regional initiatives and encourage productive partnerships with visioning organizations in the Upstate, the state, and the region.

  • Support projects that help reach Vision 2025 goals.

  • Facilitate alliances and partnerships to be a catalyst for community projects.

Track Progress.
Know and Shepherd Greenville

Develop vision success metrics and measure annual goal attainment in an understandable and meaningful format.

  • Consult with local governments, municipalities, and entities to help them develop their own report cards of progress.

  • Ensure that all metrics and program goals align with specific sectors (Green, Innovative, Creative, Healthy, Learning, Connected, Inclusive).

Share community "report cards" of progress for Vision 2025 goals.

  • Create and distribute reports of Vision 2025 progress to the community, funding and advocacy partners, and other interested organizations.

  • Develop detailed report cards of performance for selected Vision areas. Release on a staggered basis, reports of progress and identify the gaps in community performance, primarily through the Greenville Indicators.

Board of Directors

Catherine Schumacher, Chair
Schumacher Consulting

Rita Barker, Immediate Past Chair
, PC

Terence Brooks
Greenville Tech Police Department

Lori Center
Bon Secours St. Francis Health System

Rebecca Cooper
Greenville Health System

Billy Crank
Retired - Michelin North America

Cindy Crick
US House of Representatives

Amy Ryberg Doyle
Greenville City Council

Sean Dogan, President Elect
Long Branch Baptist Church

Phil Feisal
Spartanburg Medical Center

Scott Friersen, Secretary/Treasurer
CresCom Bank

Mary Douglas Hirsch
City of Greenville

Bob Howard
Greenville Technical College

Phyllis Martin
United Way of Greenville

Adela Mendoza
Hispanic Alliance

Pam Mills
Greenville County Schools

Brian O'Rourke
Clemson University

Lance Radford
Anderson District Two School District

Yvonne Reeder
Nicholtown Neighborhood Association

Paul Savas
The Warehouse Theatre

Todd Usher
Addison Homes


Russell Stall
Executive Director

Reece Lyerly
Director of Programs
Gardening for Good

Ana Parra
Director of Community Development

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